The Owners

Paradise Guest Ranch  is presently owned by Clay and Leah Miller and their partners, Kevin and Rebecca McMahon from Colorado. With Clay and Leah as the on-site managers, they are committed to operating the ranch in fine western tradition by offering guests warm attentive hospitality, rustic elegance and exciting outdoor adventure.

A little about the individuals:


Leah Miller: This will be her 25th year with Paradise! Leah handles most of the behind-the- scenes work that keeps the ranch running so smoothly. She is in charge of the kitchen, waitstaff, kid's program, housekeeping, and general, (along with being a wife and mother in her spare time!). The ranch dogs / mascots Penny, Molly and Jake belong to Leah and Clay. 


Clay Miller: This will be Clay's 12th year at Paradise. He has been in tourism since college days and loves being a part of the original form of Wyoming hospitality....Dude Ranching! In the winter he spends his time marketing Paradise and is an officer in the Dude Rancher's Association as well as Chairman of The Wyoming Tourism Board. Summer's are pretty well spoken for as he is involved with the Barn, the Fishing Program, the French Creek Saloon as well as nightly entertainment. 


Kevin and Rebecca McMahon: These fine western folks hail from Boulder Colorado and are Clay and Leah's Partners. The ranch is their sanctuary and they they know alot about it's history not to mention some great stories!


Cade Anderson: After a year working and playing in Australia, Cade, our oldest son is now back at Paradise as Corral Boss. Cade was riding literally before he could walk and grew up around ranch guests. Now he has a chance to use what he learned in Australia with our brand of Paradise FUN!


Travis Anderson: Wrangler. Clay and Leah's younger son, Travis grew up on and around the ranch and knows this area well. The last two years Travis was a fishing guide and this year he joins the wrangler crew down at the barn. Travis enjoys various outdoor activities, literature, and music. He plays a mean saxophone! 

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