Kid's Program

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Dress Me Once More in a Sombrero that Flaps;
Spurs, Flannel Shirt, Slicker and Chaps.
Out Where the Sagebrush is Dusty and Gray;
Make me a Cowboy Again for a Day.

Paradise Ranch has a way of reconnecting kids with animals and the outdoors. Our award winning kids program exposes children to the natural world but it also offers parents a chance to enjoy their own pursuits or spend time with their children having the knowledge and piece of mind that the whole family is being well taken care of. Arts and crafts, pony rides, talent show, kid's fishing derby, kid's rodeo and even overnight pack trips are just some of our kid's activities offered through the program. Our program is all about FUN, our honest to goodness brand, and flexibility. It is designed so parents can pick and choose time spent as a family and time spent in individual pursuits. The program takes all ages from infants through teens. Our Kid's Program counselors are ready to take your children through a week of activities that they will remember for a lifetime.