How to Choose The Right Dude Ranch?

Healthy horses out running at the guest ranch in Wyoming

What does planning your family vacation look like? Time limits? Budgeting? Diverse family interests? An overwhelming array of different types of vacations? Forever in search of a unique family vacation that’s a fun vacation for the entire family? Vacation planning is difficult, and time is valuable. Have you decided on the Dude Ranch experience but are still filled with questions? We totally get it. There are so many types of Dude Ranches with various experiences, and we’re here to help you narrow down the search with questions that will answer how to choose the right Dude Ranch!

A Paradise Tradition

Paradise Ornaments
Paradise Guest Ranch gifts one ornament to each family at the end of their stay. This has been an age long tradition! Whether you have been a guest for one year or thirty, we would love to see photos of Paradise ornaments on your Christmas tree! Follow us on our Facebook page at Paradise Guest Ranch and share your photos with us!

Dude Ranch Roundup visits Paradise Guest Ranch

Horses Running at the Wyoming Dude Ranch
Have you checked out RFD-TV's Dude Ranch Roundup with the television star, Debbe Dunning? It was the beginning of September this past season of 2017. The aspen leaves were just beginning to change and the golden mountain grass covered the mesa. Debbe Dunning, star of RFD-TV's series Dude Ranch Roundup, and her crew joined the Paradise family as guests for the week. Just like the rest of the summer...

Happy Thanksgiving

4th of July BBQ
What are you thankful for this holiday season? As we watch the ranch get almost completely covered in snow, we think back on the past summer. Crew and guests to the ranch are family at Paradise, and we're so thankful for the fantastic crew and guests who joined our family this last season of 2017, and we look forward to the season of 2018 with excitement...

Colorful June

In late June the wildflowers are in full bloom and Darton peak and Mather peak are still capped and glittering in snow. The purple, pink, yellow, and white lupine are splattered among the balsom root, sego lilly, yarrow, blue bells, and various wildflowers that fill the fields and valleys beneath the Bighorn mountains. 

Paradise Guest Ranch is cozily tucked in the middle of the Bighorn National Forest, beneath those snowy-capped peaks, and beside the wildflower-filled mesa. 

What Should I Look For in The Best Dude Ranch Option?

It occured to me just recently that there must be alot of folks out there that feel like a dude ranch might be a wonderful family vacation option, but are wondering how do I find the very best dude ranch? I've been involved with the dude ranch industry for nearly 20 years now, so hopefully I can give you an idea on what to look for in a great ranch. First off the perfect dude ranch for you and your family is going to offer something for each member of you group.

Hiking Program at Paradise

You don't have to walk very far to see natural beauty around Paradise! For some, taking in the views from the front porch of the cabins is enough. For others, a hike is a great way to take a break from riding and enjoy the scenery of the Bighorn Mountains. Surrounded by over a million acres of the Bighorn National Forest, the hiking opportunities at Paradise are endless.

We have a wide variety of hikes for all difficulty levels. Take a quick stroll up to the mesa...

Springtime in the Rockies!

Right now we have an exciting offer at Paradise: 20% off the first two weeks of the season! Book now and receive a discount off the weeks of May 31-June 7 or June 7-14.

These are very peaceful, beautiful weeks at the ranch. Our hiking, fishing, and riding programs are included, and our saloon and nightly activities are in full swing. Wow, that's a lot of FUN for a great price!

Another week of adults only? Oh my!

Exciting news!

We added another week to our "adult-only" season! We will now have five full weeks available. September 20-27, 2015, will now be open for $1650 per person for a Sunday-to-Sunday stay. The fall colors will be most spectacular and the fireplaces will feel oh-so-cozy that week, so don't miss out!

Our horse program will still be in full swing, as well as our fishing and hiking programs. We will feature a number of guest musicians in the saloon and our talented crew will be entertaining as well.

Kid's Rodeo, fun for all ages!

The Kid's Rodeo is a great finale to the week where Kids can show off their riding skills in the arena and parents can cheer them on from the bleachers! We have fun things for all ages at Paradise Guest Ranch.

"Where can kids star in their own rodeo? Paradise Guest Ranch, where each guest six and over is assigned his own horse. The ranch makes families a priority." -Ladies Home Journal


Setting up the barrels.