March 2013

Sunday Morning Stroll

Sunday morning was especially beautiful. Waking up to snow falling isn't something out of the ordinary around here. On a windy day our valley gets a fair amount of snow flurries.  Some days we get a fair amount of snow but by the afternoon it seems to all but disappear.  But, as any person who gets more than a centimeter of snow in an entire childhood knows, snow drifts are better viewed from inside with a cup of cocoa. Hiking was only a mild inclination last season. Wrangler mantra would say why walk anywhere you can ride.

Winter Wonderland

Well, I finally made it back to Paradise this past weekend. It took me a minute to get out here. I was staying with my brother outside of Mooresville, North Carolina when I decided I needed more 'adventure rides,' Monday Fundays, and some banana cream pie. There was one small problem, unless I wanted to ride bareback all summer I need to make a pit stop in my hometown of Wiggins, MS, effectively driving a reverse check mark across the map of the U.S. Within the past two weeks I have driven more than 3,247 miles, from Charlotte to Wiggins to Buffalo.