Independence Day!

Independence Day! We had our annual Independence Day extravaganza yesterday. There were plenty of fun activities and great food. Mother Nature threw us a slight curveball, but we waited it out and had a great time anyway. We started the festivities with a parade through the ranch. Everyone dressed in their most patriotic gear and walked or rode the wagon to the Mule Parlor where we had lunch. We began to eat lunch and it started to hail, but our crafty guests put the blankets that they were sitting on over their heads and resumed eating. In about fifteen minutes, the raining and hailing had stopped and we carried on with our festivities. We had a sack race, a three legged race, and an egg toss. The winners of the three legged race are long time guests and have been winning every year for over a decade. Overall, we had an awesome day. We did not get to shoot fireworks this year because of the fire risk caused by the dry conditions. We hope that you can come and enjoy it with us next year! -Dustin