Dude Ranch Roundup visits Paradise Guest Ranch

Have you checked out RFD-TV's Dude Ranch Roundup with the television star, Debbe Dunning? 

It was the beginning of September this past season of 2017. The aspen leaves were just beginning to change and the golden mountain grass covered the mesa. Debbe Dunning, star of RFD-TV's series Dude Ranch Roundup, and her crew joined the Paradise family as guests for the week. Just like the rest of the summer, we all had a blast whether it was swing dancing in the saloon to the western tunes of David Munsick, catching cutthroat in French Creek with our fly fishing guides, or loping across the mesa on horseback! Spending a week amdist the Bighorn Mountains is an unbelievable and unforgettable experience! Paradise Guest Ranch is truly paradise.

Thank you Debbe Dunning, film crew, and RFD-TV for capturing the beautiful, hospitality-filled, and FUN experience we love to share here at Paradise in Wyoming!   

Visit rfdcc.com for more information or to see the full episode of RFD-TV's Dude Ranch Roundup at Paradise Guest Ranch.

Debbe Dunning at Paradise Guest Ranch

Who's Debbe Dunning?

Just in case you don't know, Debbe Dunning is one of the stars from the 90's TV show Home Improvement. On the sitcom show, Tim had his own home improvement show that was called Tool Time. Debbe Dunning was "Heidi", one of the Tool Time girls.