Sunrise in Paradise

We offer a variety of hikes at Paradise throughout the week, and the sunrise hike is one of our most popular! 

Tuesday morning: 

Two hours before sunrise. The Bighorn Mountains and everyone at the ranch are still sleeping. . . , all except for one, the hiking guide. 

There's a faint light in the kitchen, shadows of movement, and the scent of fresh coffee brewing. 

Forty minutes before sunrise. Assembled and ready, off they go! The group of hikers, lead by the hiking guide, make their way through north pasture and up toward Fan Rock. In no time, everyone is sitting at the top overlooking the Bighorn peaks with a muffin and a hot cup of coffee.

And now, It's showtime!

The sun begins to rise above the treeline illuminating the golden mesa, mountains, and Paradise valley. 

If you look down, you just might be able to see the wranglers corraling the herd, and the family of moose that like to spend their morning on ski slope. 

Have you ever enjoyed a sunrise in Paradise?