That Beast of a Driveway

That Beast of a Driveway climbs almost 400ft in .72 miles! HOLY BUCKETS

This past season, running up the driveway turned into a fiercely FUN competition for both guests and crew members. We know y'all have been on edge all winter, just waiting for us to announce the one who defeated that Beastly Driveway the fastest!



But first! A big thanks to all who participated! This run is a killer, so
way to go, y'all!



 For the Men's Category: 
1st Place: Michael Angelo 6:13.6
2nd Place: Steve Foglia 6:37
3rd Place: Eric Middleton 7:12

For the Women's Category: 

1st. Place: Maddie Sisco 7:35
2nd Place: Catherine Nichols 7:43
3rd Place: Frances Herrin 7:58

And the rest of the particpants!

Bertrand Yansouni 7:54
Nick Berkuta 7:57
Sydney Russell: 8:13
Matt Nichols 8:58
Ann Savage 8:58
Clarence McDonald 9:02
Heather Oldfield 9:09
Debbie Baum 9:18
Jerry Coleman 9:20
Laura Brewer 9:23
Mark Ragan: 9:40
Johanna Dubyak 10:08
Penelope Wall 10:23 
Anders Vieaux 10:36
Masami Middleton 10:57
Spencer Smiley 11:45
Kate Newman 11:45
Jules Vieaux 11:59
Debra Floyd 14:00


Spring has arrived! Are y'all getting the itch to run outside again? Well start training, because we'll be running this competition again for the summer of 2019! We dare you to give it a try!

And when you do, be sure to capture the achievement and hashtag #PRbeastrun on Instagram and Facebook!



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