What Should I Look For in The Best Dude Ranch Option?

It occured to me just recently that there must be alot of folks out there that feel like a dude ranch might be a wonderful family vacation option, but are wondering how do I find the very best dude ranch? I've been involved with the dude ranch industry for nearly 20 years now, so hopefully I can give you an idea on what to look for in a great ranch. First off the perfect dude ranch for you and your family is going to offer something for each member of you group.

If you find the right ranch, you will be transported to the absolute best family vacation imaginable and here's what to look for.... The ranch that you are looking for should offer something for your entire group. To start with the ranch that you find should of course offer a premier horseback riding program. All types of riding from scenic walk rides to invigorating lopes should be offered. Quality instruction is another must as well as other options such as team penning are important options and I would make sure that you get to keep the same horse for the week so that you get a chance to create a partnership between you and you mighty steed. 

Next step, a quality fishing program is also a must for those folks that have an interest but also for those that are just looking for a little diversion from horseback riding. Friendly, knowledgeable guides are important as well as good access to all sorts of fishing opportunities including Blue Ribbon lakes and streams. Available instruction is also key and could just be the ticket to opening the door to a whole new pursuit for members of your party. 

If I was out looking for the best dude ranch out there, I think a exceptional hiking program would also be a must. A hiking guide with local knowledge and seasoned interpretation skills would be critical as well. I would also look for a location that had acres and acres of magnificent hiking trails without development so that in a full week we would not see the same trail twice! 

How bout an award winning kid's program. At Paradise Ranch we really are all about FUN and our kid's program is no exception. We focus on getting the kid's outdoors and off the electronics. It's a true reconnection if you will. You're kid's will make instant friends and be outdoors each day doing all sorts of outdoor activities like capture the flag, animal track identification, pony and horseback rides and of course a Paradise Favorite....ultimate frisbee! On Saturday each week they even have an honest to goodness Kid's Rodeo.

As important as a whole array of activities are to a great family get-away, how bout some amazing amenities like roomy cabins with western interiors and artwork, large outdoor decks and even washers and dryers! Three meals a day composed of honest to goodness western chow with a gourmet flair, not to mention an amazing wine list, a full service saloon with nightly activities, and desserts that are to die for....these are just a few of my favorite things and should be included in a great guest ranch stay.

The last thing that I would look for in the best ranch out there would be the most amazing staff you will find anywhere. I would look for a staff that has not only the desire but the ability to care for all of your needs with a big smile. Well, you guessed it. All of these things can be found at Paradise Ranch in Wyoming. Not only will you love our staff, and fall in love with the ranch itself, you will make friends that will last a lifetime. If you need more convincing, click on our video from our home page and I bet that will do it. We sure hope we see you this summer at Paradise....The latch string is always open!