Season Finale - A Ranch Rodeo

If you dig a little into the history of Americas rodeo’s you will find it has evolved from the Spanish vaquero influences, followed by the tails of the Wild West Shows, including the real deal Annie Oakley. Soon ranchers began to show off their own brand and skills at local ranch rodeo’s. A ‘non-cowboy’ might question the practicality of chasing cows and running around cans. Really it’s a statement that says, my ranch works harder, my horses run faster than yours, or I can ride that bucking animal better and longer than you can.

A Week in Paradise

The Wilson family, origionally from Maryland, took a chance on Paradise in 2012.  After doing several online searches and reading ranch reviews on Trip Advisor for the best family guest ranches, Paradise made the cut. Amy Wilson has been most gracious to share what she called "A really, really great family experience." 

Sunday Morning Stroll

Sunday morning was especially beautiful. Waking up to snow falling isn't something out of the ordinary around here. On a windy day our valley gets a fair amount of snow flurries.  Some days we get a fair amount of snow but by the afternoon it seems to all but disappear.  But, as any person who gets more than a centimeter of snow in an entire childhood knows, snow drifts are better viewed from inside with a cup of cocoa. Hiking was only a mild inclination last season. Wrangler mantra would say why walk anywhere you can ride.

Winter Wonderland

Well, I finally made it back to Paradise this past weekend. It took me a minute to get out here. I was staying with my brother outside of Mooresville, North Carolina when I decided I needed more 'adventure rides,' Monday Fundays, and some banana cream pie. There was one small problem, unless I wanted to ride bareback all summer I need to make a pit stop in my hometown of Wiggins, MS, effectively driving a reverse check mark across the map of the U.S. Within the past two weeks I have driven more than 3,247 miles, from Charlotte to Wiggins to Buffalo.